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SpeciaI Programs

English and Entrepreneurship Program
To cultivate specialists with English abilities and business administrative expertise. To help students attain vocational practice that enhances their competitiveness in the job market.
Leisure Industry Program
To combine with intercoIIegiate offerings established in cooperation with the College   of Bioresources, aimed at those who seek employment in the areas of leisure and recreation and resource sustainability management.
Service Management Program
To encourage students to take Food Management, Bioresources and Decision Science, this inter-disciplinary program offers professional courses to grow those with a combined knowledge of pro-fessionalism and management, specialists in the service management fieId who are good at everything related to management.
International Tourism Program
This program cultivates specialists in international tourism and travel, equipping them with foreign language skills and high-quality specializations that will aid them in their promotion of tourist and travel services of global quality, and to foster international marketing and competitiveness.

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