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Educational goals

The College of Humanities and Management (CHM) has refined a distinctive vision of management and humanity education and currently has 3 departments, 3 master programs, 1 EMBA, and 1 bachelor program of extension education. The educational goals of CHM is to cultivate students to be professional with concerns for humanity causes, succeed in the globalized world with language proficiency and management knowledge, and become a modern citizens with innovation and creativity abilities in life.


Educational philosophy

The educational philosophy of College of Humanities and Management (CHM) upholds the concept of humanistic learning environment, supplemented by inter-disciplinary integration design and planning courses, expect to have humanities in implementation, cultivate a humanistic care, professional knowledge and international vision of the professionals.


Excellence in management and humanity education

The College of Humanities and Management (CHM) has three departments which are all seeking for excellence in management and humanity education: Foreign Language Department cultivates proficient in foreign language and culture of students; Department of Applied Economics and Management cultivates the world economy strategists of students; Department of Leisure Industry and Health Promotion cultivates the health knowledge in leisure industry of students. CHM is committed to achieving excellence in management and humanity education, and continue to forge strong synergies between the students, academic staff, and industry partners to make sure the excellence of our school.